This privacy policy refers to your use of the bohemia restaurant website and the information that we may collect from you as you do so.

Privacy policy updated: 10th April 2018

Information we may collect from you

As you use our website we may ask you to provide contact information such as an email address in certain circumstances. You are free to choose whether or not you provide this information, however, some services may not be accessible to you if you do not.

We ask you to submit your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter service. We may also ask you to submit contact information if you enter a competition or if you provide feedback.

In addition to personal information that you choose to give us we may also collect information about your computer, this may include your IP address, operating system, web browser software, screen resolution and referring web site.

We use Google Analytics to collect data on the demographics of our users. This data is anonymised and not personally identifiable. It helps us understand our audience and how it breaks down by age, gender and interests. You can opt out of this kind of data collection through Google’s ad settings.

How we use this information

Any personal information such as email address is held by us for the purpose of communicating with you or improving the relevance of the adverts served to you by ourselves and selected third parties.

Where you have supplied details in order to subscribe to our newsletter this means sending you our weekly newsletter and other travel offers by email.

We may also reply to you if you give us feedback.

We will only share this information with the third parties stated within this privacy policy, and as stated in competitions that you may enter with us.

The information that may be collected from your computer is anonymised and used to track usage across devices. This information is used for the purpose of helping us to understand how we can improve our website for our users and to help our partners serve relevant adverts to you.

Third Party Companies

We do not share your details with any third party companies.




Access and removal of Information

You have the right to access, change and delete personal data that you provide as part of your subscription.

You can exercise this right at any time by following the links in any of bohemia mailings to our preference centre where you request changes to your bohemia subscription.


Bohemia aims to be open and clear about the use of cookies on our website.
We use cookies to recognise users and devices using the Bohemia website. These cookies contain an anonymised email address.

If you do not have cookies enabled on your web browser, you may find that some sections of Bohemia do not work as well as they should.

Bohemia also uses cookies to analyse our users’ behaviour on our site so that we can continue to improve the website experience.

Some cookies are permanently stored by your browser, whilst others are deleted as soon as you leave the site.

Our third parties use cookies to serve up adverts that are most relevant to you, but only store anonymised data in the cookies they use.

If you’re worried about cookies, you can choose to clear your browser’s cookies history.

Banner Advertising

Our advertising is served for us by a variety of third party companies. They may also use cookie data to help serve more relevant advertising to you and to ensure that you do not see ads too repetitively. No personal data is collected by these companies.


Bohemia restaurant has the right to alter this privacy policy for any reason without prior notice.
Any updates to our privacy policy will be displayed on this page

If you have any questions about this privacy policy please write to us at: Bohemia, 23 Oak Tree lane, selly oak. B29 6JE. Birmingham. Or email us at



Bohemia is against spam mailings. We will only send mailings to email addresses who have requested we do so directly or through our partner organisations. We will not send unsolicited mailings.

If you have received a mailing which you did not request please contact us on



Email Privacy Policy

Who Do We Send Emails to?

We only want to send our great deals and menu people who want to receive them. We only send emails to people who have actively opted in to receive our mailings. If you believe that you have mistakenly received one of our emails please get in touch at

What Do We Send You?

We Email our subscribers up to 3 times per month. So what do we exactly send?


We sometimes send out discounted offers to only our subscribed members. We also send out information to subscribers informing them of a change in the menu, special offers on celebrated days such as Mothers day, Fathers day e. t. c.


From time to time, we find special offers, limited time sales or deals just so great we cannot wait to share them with you. We will notify of these special offers via Newsflash Emails.

Do We Share Your Data?

Here, at Bohemia our subscribers are very important to us. Without you, there would be no us. This means that we endeavour to do all we can to keep our subscribers happy and this includes not selling on your data, ever.

However, in order to get our emails out to you, we do have to share your email addresses with some of the platforms that we use. These platforms don’t sell on your data either, or use it themselves – they just look after it for us.

Dada Mail

We use these guys to store our data, send our mailings and report on what our users do and do not like. You can view their privacy policy here.


What Data Do We Store on You?

We store very little data on you. We store your email address, name (if provided to us), address (if provided), and postcode (if provided).

We also store information about which emails you have opened and what you have clicked on within our emails. We use this information to stop sending to you when you no longer seem interested.

Mail Chimp stores your IP address, We are not able to see all of these addresses, but instead, just the last one stored.

Requesting Your Data

You can request the data that we hold on you at any point. To request your data email with the email address that you are signed up with and we will provide this to you. This process may take up to 72 hours.

Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are stored by your web browser and which websites use to identify their users. Cookies may be used to match a user’s activity on site with their email address (but in an anonymised form) and they allow websites to recognise the device (computer, mobile or tablet) and browser that you are using.

By enabling cookies websites can learn useful things about their users like which Internet browser they’re on, whether they are a regular user of a website and how long users stay on their site.

How Bohemia Uses Cookies

It is Bohemia intention to be open and clear about the way our website uses cookies.

Several important parts of our website make use of cookies. If you do not have cookies enabled on your browser your experience of the site will be affected. We also use cookies to analyse our users’ behaviour and to better their experience on the Bohemia website.

Below is a complete list of all the cookies Bohemia might store on your browser.

Some of these cookies are permanently stored on your computer, whilst others are deleted as soon as you exit our site.

If you’re worried about cookies it’s easy to control them – see below.

Third-Party Cookies

Some of the cookies on Bohemia are used by third parties. That means the cookies are associated with a domain that is separate to


Clearing Your Cookies

We understand you might like to be tidy and sort out or delete your cookies from time to time. This is easy to do in all the major browsers.

Using Chrome? tings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings and go to Settings you will find all the cookie information at the top of the page, including how to delete cookies that are currently on your computer

Using Firefox? Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select Use Custom Settings For History to choose how cookies are stored on your computer.

Using Internet Explorer? Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and use the slider to control how many cookies you will allow.